Monday, September 6, 2010

Something about a sea breeze....

I find something particularly calming about sea breezes. I've got vivid memories of walking along rocky coastlines and sand dunes in a number of places around the world. In my memories I feel fresh and cleansed and calm. I think it's those sea breezes. When I lived on the south coast of New South Wales I'd go for a walk in the afternoons after work, picking my way around rocky outcrops and rock pools...along stretches of empty beach. The crisp, salty breeze would wash away any troubles of the day.

Even better than sea breezes is the sound of sea breezes through grass. You know the sound I mean....a swaying, rhythmic and soft brushing noise. Lovely. On a holiday with friends I remember laying in the sun in the shelter of the dunes with clumps of stiff grass swaying and rustling while we chatted and caught up on life's happenings.

I took this photo on an island off the north east coast of Tasmania. I was lucky enough to do some fieldwork on the island and one day came across this spot. I took a lunch break in the lee of some big granite outcrops and ate my sandwich while enjoying the coastal sounds and smells....salt, seaweed, crashing waves and rustling fronds. Certainly made up for the hours of rock hopping and scratching in the dirt.

I thought I'd use that photo as inspiration for my first lino cut in many many years. I'm really happy with the finished product...for me it captures a little of the bliss of those salty, breezy memories. I used good old fashioned lino that I think I may have had in the bottom of my making box for a good 15 years....still cut like a charm...and the smallest cutting tool in my kit. I tried a couple of colour combinations but settled on the brown/gold because it gives a warm and dreamy feel. I painted the sketchbook page with a brush and used a kitchen sponge to apply the gold paint to the lino. The sponge gave much better coverage than the purpose made lino paint roller. Go figure.

And because I was so happy with how my cherry blossom and grasses look side by side...I'll share it with you too.


  1. Nice work Em. So many tiny lines, and it does look great with the gold paint!

  2. Thankyou my dear! I had so much fun with that one that I'm itching to get cutting some inspiration for me??