Monday, September 6, 2010

Melbourne's blue bikes

I was in Melbourne for the weekend recently....I don't go there often but I think I need to make the trip more often because it's such an incredibly cool city! After the architectural dryness of Canberra it was great to wander the streets looking at all the old and the very new buildings. Melbournians don't seem to be afraid of making a statement with their of the RMIT buildings looks like it's been covered in green slime!

Melbourne also seems to embrace new ideas so much faster than other Australian cities. As I strolled around the city I kept coming across these bike racks. The one in the photo above is in Federation Square right in the heart of the city. So, it turns out they are communal bikes that you can hire for $2.50 a day....ride all over the city and drop off at a bike rack when you are done. How is that for forward (and green) thinking!

I had originally imagined this picture for my sketchbook as an incredibly intricate three layer stencil cut in lime and magenta.....then it dawned on me how long that would take...and how I've never done a stencil cut before....and would the paint bleed...etc etc. So I decided to paint it instead. Somewhere between the drawing and the painting I forgot about the lime and magenta and ended up with purple and orange. Not sure what happened with that....I think I'll have to address that sometime soon. I'm also not sure what I think of this drawing yet as it is so different from the image I had in win some, you loose some. That, and that next time I go to Melbourne I'll hire a bike for a day.


  1. Oh, by the way...I love that you wanted to make the training button orange. I would never have guessed that you like it.

    More art please.

  2. Yes...more art indeed, I'm on it. Probably will be a lull while I'm on hols but expect a flurry of activity when I return...and maybe some postings of things completed on hols : D And at the very lesat some photos.

    Training button - orange, what else would you expect! And can you beleve I thought I made that suggestion with a completely unbiased mind...MDR...really.

    You keep on those sketch facebookers to get something up for us to appreciate.

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