Friday, November 12, 2010

Catch up time

It's well and truly time that I hustle and get some sketches are the last additions to my little sketchbook.

The winters in Alaska are long, long and dark and cold. You could tell when spring had finally arrived because the birds would pass through on their northern migration. The ponds and lakes had only just lost their ice cover but the birds would all cram in and find a spot. I adore the sound of Sandhill Cranes honking as they fly overhead....spring and life.

I don't think I have much more to say than - flowers, lino cut, bright colour. Me, happy camper.

What seems like an eon ago my Dad and I visited the local architectural junk shop to buy a gate. I'd never been in anyplace like it before....a really crumbly old terrace house with all rooms filled with rows and piles of doors, fire places, toilet bowls, windows, door nobs, floor boards and ....gates. After being hidden for a few years behind some greenery the old gate was recently unveiled again. I think my Dad and I chose really well - I didn't realise the simple style of the gate until I sketched part of it. I hope that junk shop it still around....I'd like to poke about and see what treasures I could find.

My nephew loves all things automotive so for his birthday I made him a lino cut Racer dude birthday card. I liked the little racer guy so stuck him in my sketchbook too.