Monday, August 16, 2010

One for you Gallery Chick

Because the blossoms are still flowering and because I love them so much I decided to dedicate another page of my sketchbook to them. I also thought they deserved some colour this time. So.....Gallery Chick, these blossoms are for you.

I did an outline sketch using pencil, then went over the top with watercolours. I think I'm beginning to enjoy using watercolours, and maybe with few more sketches I might just love them... it is a very forgiving medium.


  1. Gorgeous! We bought jonquils on the weekend and now our whole house smells like springtime!

  2. Ooooo, I love jonquils!! And they do smell gorgeous eh. I look forward to a papier et encre special jonquils sketch : )

  3. Very nice. Glad you are having a lot of fun playing with watercolors.
    I read your profile and found in interesting that you don't like to read a lot but are into listening to audio books. I am too.

  4. Hi Cosmic! I do still love reading...but what can be better than reading ...and knitting or gardening or drawing. My only problem is I can only listen to what I call "spam" books. Can't concentrate on quality literature so my novel intake has involved probably too much mystery and action in the last few years....oh well. Although I knitted a whole (baby) beanie listening to John Wyndham's the Midwitch was so gripping I was a knitting fiend : )