Monday, August 9, 2010

Blossoms!....It must be spring.

I was a bit shocked to see that the Cherry blossoms around town have started flowering in the last two weeks. I love the blossoms and tend to have a small branch displayed on my kitchen bench for a month or so every year....but I am sad that winter is coming to end. It seems to be such a short season in Australia, and for me spring marks the beginning of the long hot season.

The street where I grew up was lined on both sides with cherry my memory they stretched all the way from my house to the town centre. I like the little pink buds, then the mass of colour as the flowers unfurl and finally fall and carpet the ground around them. It has always amazed me that a tree with such a glorious and delicate flower could be so drab when in full leaf. I guess you can't be perfect at everything....and I am just happy that I again live in a town that celebrates spring with blossoms.


  1. You have captured these cherry blossoms beautifully. I also look for cherry blossoms to mark when spring is coming. It usually happens for us around the end of February. We also get a break around that time from the rains. Then in March the rains come pretty regularly till July.
    Summer here is dry but being on the coast it is cool. It doesn't get above 80 F and most of the time it is in the 60's.

    I like your sketch. Thank you for leaving a comment.

    I haven't done any other kind of printing, other than lino cuts. I started doing faces after my 11 year old daughter decided to do one on a soft block. I told her it couldn't be done...and like the red head she is ...she proved me wrong. Then I had to try. I was surprised with the success and decided to keep practicing. The sketchbook project just gave me an even bigger incentive to keep carving.

    I plan to do one print on one side of the the page and a quote on the other. I haven't yet started the quotes. I don't know that I will post the quotes ??? not sure. I am getting the sketchbook digitized and so it will be on view then.

    Really nice to see you participating in the project.

  2. Your blogs are making me cry. The vision of the blossom tree lining the streets, made me remember a small chubby child climbing the large blossom tree in the vacant block beside my house. I think we must journey to land of the cheery blossoms.