Monday, July 18, 2011

Self portrait #1

So, done. Self portrait from my creative drawing class is finally complete. And I think it is the first picture that I started several different times, from several different angles before settling on this one. I'm not sure why, it just felt right.

I have to admit I'm quite pleased with it. It does feel like me. Not sure what on earth I do with it now though. For the meantime I think it'll go back into hiding under my bed.

Pastel on orange Canson paper. 55 x 37cm


  1. It really looks excellent!! It's always good to finish something hey!! It would be a shame to put it under the bed! You could have it above the bed.. it would look quite funny having yourself looking down at yourself... hmmm maybe that might be a little weird! :)

  2. I love it. LOVE IT! Being on the solid orange background gives it a floaty feel, but then you see some of the orange coming through the pastel and it looks like little reflections, as if you are standing in front of something orange and shiny. (Like the blog sculpture at the NPG). :)

    I think you need to hang it. Or give it to your folks for their wall. You can't hide it away!

  3. Thanks so much Lamina and Jess!!

    It's kinda funny, but the photo almost looks better than the real thing. I think because it is so big you need to see if from a bit of a distance.... not like when I was drawing it... nose to nose.

    Yes, I think I would like to not just store it under the bed.... will think of some devious plan that doesn't make me feel like a diva - with pictures of myself around the house : )

  4. I love it too! I see it as part of a set of three. Do some more!!

  5. Beautifully rendered! I think it's a wonderful drawing. Great textures and colors, and the perspective is really cool... I agree that you should hang it up and share it with others!