Thursday, March 24, 2011

Illustration Friday: Cultivate

I've been lurking around Illustration Friday for a while now - I have discovered some incredible artists and really enjoyed the many many ways different people interpret the same theme. This weeks theme is Cultivate....and I could lurk no longer, I felt compelled to contribute.

I am a mad keen gardener, particularly vegies! Unfortunately due to townhouse living in Canberra the last two years my gardens have been restricted to mostly pots, and consequently my fingernails have been a bit clean. Sad state of affairs, I know. The cultivate theme make me reminisce of my days in the community garden in Fairbanks. Talk about first 'proper' gardening experience was amazing....600 sq feet of my own to cultivate and always an interesting soul poking about to chat to during weeding breaks.

A little like the different ways artists interpret the IF theme it was interesting to see the way different gardeners designed and worked their gardens. I think mine really was more about aesthetics than function. And to boot, a minimum of bugs (too cold) and almost 24 hours sunshine meant my vegies were huge and my efforts hugely rewarding...ahh, happy days. Most of my friends contributed to my garden too.... digging, planting, weeding or harvesting....I remember them and our time together in the garden very very fondly.

So, my drawing....a cabbage leaf. Doesn't nature come up with THE very best colour combinations! What is not to love about the sun shining through a leaf so you can appreciate all the more the complexity and beauty of the ..... not so humble cabbage.


  1. Tried to leave a comment before but it disappeared.

    Lovely colors, and I love the photos too. You're so talented Miss. :)

  2. It may be humble but it makes a lovely illustration!

  3. I like it...I'm very drawn to patterns in nature,and the branching motif in leaves is one of the basic patterns that is so beautiful. Glad you decided to post on IF. (Hint: the earlier in the week that you post, the more people will see your art...and it's worth seeing!)

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies, much appreciated!! It makes me very happy that through IF (and the web) other people get to see my drawings and ponderings...rather than them collecting dust under my bed and in the back of my mind.

    I DO need to get posting earlier in the week... I'm working on creating more time in my days to spend on my arty crafty loves! I'm getting there, but slowly...I now have fridays off work. Yesterday I got to draw my cabbage, work on finishing off a weaving project, start warping up the loom for a new project and continue on knitting my father a vest for winter (getting close). So many fun things to do!!

  5. Love the painting! Wish I could paint and garden like you do! It's amazing!

  6. Hello Gnomeangel - thanks for visiting and for your comment. I've got some good thoughts for the next few months on Creative Collective.... great idea and looking forward to the activities.