Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Final sketchbook sketch

Well, this is my last Brooklyn Art Library related post. I think I've decided to keep my blog going,and blog a little more often : ). So expect more varied media (yay for pastels!!) and some larger format pictures.

So, onto my last picture. I decided for this one to do another lino cut, since I have been loving them so much. This time, however, I picked a more ambitious subject - the New York city Cloisters. I visited the Cloisters during my recent trip to the northern hemisphere. I was most enamored of the arched ceilings and so have focused on them. The progression of my pic follows below.

And one cup of coffee later I had this much done....

And the finished lino....

And finally, the finished picture....

I added some detail in watercolour to try and get some depth to the picture. I think next time I'll play with creating more shading in the actual lino cutting process. I also think this picture could do with some more work, and I wouldn't mind seeing it in bright colours...naturally!!


  1. Emma, thank you for your lovely comment. Now that I've had a very enjoyable visit to your website, I see that we have much in common. For one thing, we are both are inspired by nature and patterns. I've always wanted to try lino work, and your wonderful prints nudge me a bit me further. And it was interesting to see your cherry blossoms from your Australian spring last August, as I'm just getting ready to draw some spring blossoms myself. I'm so glad that, even though your sketchbook project is ending, you've decided to continue to blog; I've added you to my list. I just started Dec. 1 and am so enjoying my new "pen pals"!

  2. I hope you keep you blog up now your sketchbook is finished. I enjoyed your design, patterns and linocuts, very inspiring.

  3. Hello Sarah and Cathy...thanks so much for your kind words. I look forward to seeing what you both get up to this year....I have a great feeling about artistic inspiration for 2011.

    Sarah, I am enjoying these new pen pals too! I think I need to get involved in illustration friday insteading of just lurking around, it is a veritable treasure trove of fun.