Saturday, December 11, 2010

An attack of Christmas spirit

A couple of weeks ago a few of my crafternoon friends got together to make Christmas cards, I was psyched about it as I haven't made chrissy cards in years. I decided that to make mine suitably rustic (and to reconnect with my inner 5 year old) I needed to make my cards using potato cutouts. I got all my supplies - most importantly potatoes, lino cutting tools, a sponge, cards, and paint. I ended up with shiny red and green cards and silver paint. I had a lovely time, drank lots of tea and chatted lots, and did succeed in cutting a potato snowflake and potato christmas tree....but the blooming things didn't stamp very well. I'm not sure if it was the shiny cards, the metallic paint, the very new potato (sort of damp), or all of the above.....?? I gotta admit I was a bit dispirited that my cards looked lame and so gave up.

I had an attack of Christmas spirit over the weekend and decided to have another go. I pulled out this weird rubber lino stuff made by speedball from the bottom of my making box and got carving.

I also switched from the the metallic paint to plain white. I was stoked with how they turned out so I started printing on everything....I made cards, wrapping paper and labels.
Not bad for one lino cutting. All this Christmas spirit inspired me to dig out my decorations and string them up in my lounge room. To top it all off, I made the family Christmas plum pudding....and used some of the 5 hour cook time to write in some cards : )


  1. This is just brilliant! I tried and failed to do my christmas cards with the rubber stuff plus speedball - but I just couldn't get the detail, I think I need a narrower cutting thingy. But these are just beautiful...I need more practice!

  2. Thanks Cari-Jane! I am certainly loving the lino cutting at the moment. The speedball one was kind of hard to use I thought, too soft, one wrong move and you'd cut through the whole block. I think I much prefer the bit of effort required to cut 'proper' lino. I just use a cheap set of cutting tools from the local art supplier, mostly with narrow blades, and they cut really well.
    Do keep at it....I'll be stoked to see something on your blog!
    Ta, Em.

  3. I love, love, love these. Ahem, where was my Chrissy card in the mail? Huh? Where was it?

  4. Ahhhh, yes, well that would be because I didn't get round to writing on many. ....see how excited you'll be next year when you get one in the mail : )